Baby Shower 
Deana, Sandra, Mom, & Dianne listen attentively to instruction for the first game. Janet is standing.  
From: Cicharitho @ (Mon Apr 23 05:53:30 2012)
I was really confused, and this asnweerd all my questions.


Musical chairs commences. I have no idea what song this was, but it wasn't The Bangles.  
From: tom @ (Fri Apr 29 17:16:12 2011)
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From: tom @ (Fri Apr 29 18:24:33 2011)
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My baby sister, Claudia.  
From: Tia Clau @ (Mon Sep 19 16:47:29 2005)
"i da baby. gotta love me."
say it with me, tick.


So I've had my balloons, games, & gifts; now Will spends hours on the floor happily assembling new toys.  
From: tom @ (Fri Apr 29 21:38:06 2011)
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